Growing together for a better world

About Imre

I work as an international trainer, moderator and (team)coach since 2005 at Project Wisdom. I support people and organizations to bring out their vision, talents, creativity and commitment for a better world.

What I do

My expertise lies in communication, personal development and group dynamics. I have a passion for empathic and compassionate communication, personal leadership, finding meaning and critical thinking. I like to combine a sharp mind with a gentle heart.

Topics in trainings include

  • compassionate communication
  • effective teamwork
  • analytical thinking and debating skills
  • personal growth and development
  • finding meaning and making choices


I have worked with various politicians and members of parliament, with development organizations in Uganda, Laos and Vietnam, with commercial businesses and with many universities: from Honors Programs in the Netherlands to the International Space University in Strasbourg.

During sessions I aim create

  • meaningful conversations
  • deep(er) analysis of an issue
  • making choices and decisions that are fully supported
  • genuine vulnerable personal reflections
  • coherence empathy

Way of working

Others say I bring out the best in people in a disarming and inspiring way; that I am honest, committed and caring. I like to ask sharp questions and explore assumptions, but I am always focused on growth, learning and connection. Sharp when necessary, with humor when possible.

I work based on the principles of Deep Democracy and Non-Violent Communication.


As an idealist in heart and soul, I like to work for a better world; a world with more understanding, compassion and justice, with which we may overcome our planets most pressing challenges.

I am married and live in Utrecht. I have a passion for space exploration, chess and botanical gardens and I can’t wait to tell my son and daughter all about it.